Plane pampers pets more than you


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an airline for pets.

Starting this summer, PetAirways will be the first airline to specifically cater to dogs and cats. Unlike other airlines that place pets under passenger seats or in the cargo area, PetAirways upgrades its “pawsengers” to the main cabin of a pet-only plane.

Founded by husband and wife Dan and Alysa Binder, PetAirways offers first-class service to dogs and cats. With a limo escort from the Pet Lounge-which lets owners board their pets up to 72 hours before their flights and is located in selected airports-to the tarmac, pets will travel in style. And plenty of potty breaks prevent accidents along the way.

On the plane, pet attendants guarantee 15-minute checks to ensure each animal is comfortable and secure in its carrier. Off the plane, attendants watch over the pets-regardless of delays-until claimed. All the while, the attendants record every leg of each pet's journey on the Web site,, to keep owners informed and assured.

What's most surprising about this service, though, may be the price tag. For as low as $149, pets can jet set between five major cities: New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

PetAirway's first flight is scheduled from New York to Los Angeles on July 14, 2009. According to the Web site, the founders plan to expand to additional cities and include exotic animals as passengers in upcoming years.

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