Phone skills: How to attract cat owners when they call your practice


Consider these common cat owner conundrums and learn how to offer help on the phone--and ultimately lock in a veterinary visit to promote the pet's health.


When cat owners call with common complaints, it’s a perfect opportunity to remind them of the care your veterinary team can offer to keep their pets healthy. Consider these client concerns and use these tips to respond.

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Cat crisis: Scratching

Clients may call with this complaint when they adopt a new cat or for an older cat in a new situation—new home or new furniture. Share these education tips:

• Remember the ABCs of training: Always Be Consistent. Behavior modification takes time, effort and patience.

• Every cat is different, so you may need to try a few different types of scratching surfaces—carpeted post, sisal or corrugated cardboard mat—before finding something kitty likes.

• Punishment never works.

• Offer an appointment to talk with the veterinarian.

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Cat crisis: Getting kitty to the doctor

You can help by suggesting these steps:

• Leave the carrier out where kitty has access 24/7, place kitty’s bed or a shirt that has pet owner’s scent on it. Use toys and favorite treats to make the carrier a familiar fun spot.

• Use natural anti-stress products.

• Try short trips first. Remind pet owners to put kitty in carrier and sit in the car or drive around the block.

For more tips on carrier conditioning, use the client education handout here.

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Cat crisis: My cat doesn’t look sick

When pet owners say, “Why does my cat need to see the vet every year? She doesn’t look sick,” you may respond:

• Cats are masters of hiding pain and illness. By the time kitty shows symptoms, she could be seriously ill.

• Regular exams are needed to keep kitty happy and healthy and can detect health issues before they cause major problems.

• Your cat’s regular exams are a great opportunity to discuss behavior, aging, litterbox, changes in appetite, and other issues with kitty’s doctor.

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