Pets' top medical conditions of 2008


Ear infections and skin allergies are common ailments in both dogs and cats.

Your clients may fret about paying for their pets' serious medical issues, such as traumatic injuries or chronic illnesses. But as it turns out, minor, nagging conditions can actually take more of a toll on their wallets.

Veterinary Pet Insurance analyzed the medical claims it received in 2008 to find the year's most common pet conditions. The top 10 conditions accounted for nearly a quarter of all canine and feline medical claims.

According to VPI, the most expensive of the top 10 canine conditions was benign skin tumors, with an average submitted claim fee of $340. For cats, the most expensive was renal failure, with an average submitted claim fee of $267.

Top 10 canine claims

1. Ear infections

2. Skin allergies

3. Pyoderma/hot spots

4. Gastritis/vomiting

5. Enteritis/diarrhea

6. Urinary tract infections

7. Benign skin tumors

8. Osteoarthritis

9. Eye inflammation

10. Hypothyroidism

Top 10 feline claims

1. Lower urinary tract disease

2. Gastritis/upset stomach

3. Chronic renal failure

4. Enteritis/diarrhea

5. Diabetes mellitus

6. Skin allergies

7. Hyperthyroidism

8. Ear infections

9. Upper respiratory virus

10. Eye inflammation

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