Ohio veterinary practice adopts Fear-Free approach, boosts team morale


Team members became more flexible and supportive of each other.

Implementing the Fear-Free approach has fostered a better work culture at Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic in Springboro, Ohio, team members say.

Although Fear-Free practice aims to make visits more pleasant for patients and clients, the method has also improved this clinic's team environment.

“This has been one of the most positive experiences from a team-building perspective,” Kelly Searles, the practice manager of Bigger Road, tells Veterinary Economics. “It's one of the larger asks that we've put in front of them about really changing how they do things every day, and it gave a really unique opportunity to allow people to process it in their own way.”

The change has encouraged team members to be more open to unrelated initiatives and educational opportunities and give less pushback, Searles says. Fear-Free has also fostered more camaraderie among staff. 

“The reward on this is huge, and it was daily and visit-to-visit,” Searles says. “People were walking up to another staff member and going, ‘Oh my gosh, I can't believe you did that with this particular job … really nice job.' It brought everybody together.”

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