A new year means lots of changes at dvm360


Want to know whats new? Read onand try to keep up.

There's a good chance you're reading this issue of dvm360 during the North American Veterinary Community conference in Orlando. And if there's one question I hear repeatedly during NAVC, it's “So what's new?”

Veterinarians, consultants and industry representatives alike all want to know what the buzz is at the beginning of the year, and being the editor of dvm360 magazine, I'm expected to know. And sometimes I do-like now.

This year the buzz is all about Vetted, the new print magazine combining Veterinary Economics and Veterinary Medicine. But it's so much more than that. While VetEc and VetMed have been around for decades (in VetMed's case, more than a century), their spawn is unlike anything the profession has seen before. Geeky, irreverent and insanely relevant, this new baby is preparing to go into the world ready to poke, prod and push the envelope. I'm sure we'll hear about it when it's successful.

A little closer to home, new content is gracing the pages of dvm360 as well. Jeremy Campfield, DVM, brings us Old School, New School, a column taking a smart look at the generations in practice. Drs. Codger and Greenskin have their foibles, but in the end they have a lot to learn from each other- maybe you'll catch a glimpse of yourself in one of them.

If the illustrations look familiar, it's because they're created by Ryan Ostrander, who lent his skill to Dr. Michael Obenski's column for so many years. As I was reading Campfield's series for the first time, it smelled a bit Obenski-ish, so we pulled Ostrander out of retirement and asked him to pick up his (digital) brush once again. The ideas for the illustrations come from Campfield's wife, Anne McDonald Campfield, DVM.

Speaking of old school, a venerable and much-loved voice-that of Robert Miller, DVM, author of the Mind Over Miller column in Veterinary Medicine for many years-is returning to print in dvm360. His no-nonsense wisdom and humor have inspired veterinary colleagues for years, and those who just can't get used to reading him online can enjoy his words (and occasional offbeat cartoon) here in this magazine.

Starting in March, dvm360 will also be hosting the Hospital Design content you've loved and looked for in Veterinary Economics. The hospitals that inspire our architect judges to bestow awards and praises will be on display for your inspiration and edification in each issue.

And last but not least, I got married in 2015. For the first time. At age 42. Definitely an old dog trying to learn new tricks-and loving it.

So if you ask me, “What's new?” and I beam forth a ridiculous happy smile, chances are I'm thinking about my adorable husband. Or maybe I'm super-excited about the latest Campfield or Miller column. Whatever it is, there's plenty to be excited about.

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