Owner survey examines nutrition priorities


The report from Get Joy reveals a disparity between the knowledge dog owners possess regarding their pets' diet and their actual dietary practices

Get Joy, a holistic dog wellness company, has released a report titled, "Chasing our Tails: When it Comes to Maximizing our Dog’s Health and Wellness, Are We Just Running in Circles?"1 that examined dog owners across the United States. The online survey was aimed at finding the disparity between what owners know about pet nutrition and what dietary actions they are taking. One of the top findings from the survey is that 97% of dog owners believe that diet can influence the animal’s life longevity.1,2

Other findings include the following:1

  • 39% of owners are “very confident” that they know the ingredients in their dog’s food.
  • 44% are “somewhat confident.”
  • 14% are “not very confident” and 3% are “not confident at all.”

However, these findings create a discrepancy when compared to another piece of data from the survey that reveals 58% of owners can only name 3 ingredients in that food.1 Get Joy believes owners should know all the ingredients in their dog’s food.2

“It’s clear that dog families have the best intentions, but misinformation and a market flooded with processed options can cloud decision-making. Get Joy seeks to provide information and a holistic approach to dog wellness that can help dog families’ actions better align with their intentions,” said Tom Arrix, founder and CEO of Get Joy, in a news release.2

The report also revealed that 75% of owners are feeding their dog processed foods like dry and wet food, while 12% are feeding “fresh food” and 6% are feeding prepared food at home.1

Graphic courtesy of Get Joy and Business Wire.

Graphic courtesy of Get Joy and Business Wire.

“At the forefront of good health for our canine friends is quality nutrition. Foods are the building blocks for a strong body, aiding the immune system while supporting the heart, brain, kidneys and liver. Read the label, know what you are giving your pet,” said Renée Alsarraf, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), in the Get Joy report.1

More data on owners’ attitudes towards the benefits to gut health include the following:1

  • 89% of owners believe gut healthy food can improve daily life for their dogs.
  • 83% of owners believe it can extend lifespan.
  • 77% of owners believe it can improve mental health and prevent disease.

Brett Levitzke, DVM, chief medical officer at VERG Brooklyn and Get Joy veterinary advisor, stated, "Nutrition is something we do with our pets twice daily. Even simple changes can have a profound impact on our dog's overall wellness."2

From this data, Get Joy is recommending dog owners to look more closely at food labels, adopt a holistic approach to pet nutrition, and consider a gut healthy food option.2


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