A new kind of pet care piggy bank


By setting aside money each month with the Scratchpay Savings Program, pet owners can put themselves in a better position to afford needed veterinary care.

Scratchpay's new program will help pet owners save money for visits to the veterinarian. sanfutur/stock.adobe.com

Scratchpay, a third-party payment plan that helps veterinary clients pay for services, is teaming up with Green Dot Bank to introduce a new program to help pet owners save for expensive visits to the veterinarian.  

According to a press release from Green Dot Bank, the Scratchpay Savings Program will offer:

“Set it and forget it” savings plans through the Scratchpay app

A customized debit card that allows convenient access to funds

Pet-friendly rewards and incentives

The savings account will require no minimum balance or monthly fees, and users may earn cash back at Scratchpay partner clinic locations. Account holders who also have a Scratchpay payment plan may be eligible for special rewards. (Unlike Scratchpay payment plans, veterinary practices are not involved in this program.)

“Scratchpay's current offerings help pet parents manage the high cost of veterinary care with convenient and transparent payment plans,” said Scratchpay CEO John Keatley in the release. “But we know that many of our customers want to be proactive and plan ahead for the next expensive trip to the veterinarian.” 

The program is slated to launch later this year, but the company's just-launched waitlist link has received a lot of hits Scratchpay marketer Neil Stanga told dvm360.

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