New fellowship program promotes veterinary practice ownership

dvm360dvm360 September 2022
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Issue 9
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The 2-year program from by Suveto focuses on recent graduates and will provide opportunities tailored to participants.

A new veterinary business fellowship with a focus on providing new graduates with an immersive, hands-on experience was announced today, at the American Veterinary Medical Association conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The program, Graduation to Ownership (GO), is a 2-year experiential learning opportunity from by Suveto, a community dedicated to veterinary practice ownership.

Ten percent of a GO participant’s paid work time is solely dedicated to their personal growth and education. Additionally, they will be given an immediate-level veterinary stock ownership plan, a risk-free benefit for doctors to share in the financial success of their hospitals without the responsibilities of sole ownership, according to a press release from Suveto.

GO fuses mastering clinic skills, developing ownership acumen, building on personal and professional development, and navigating well-being life skills, while teaching new doctors how to run and maintain a practice – something not often taught in vet school. The new graduates will focus on development as doctors through experience, setting goals, learning how to lead and manage others, and learning about ownership, while being paid to learn this valuable information from accomplished veterinary leaders.

Catherine Foret, DVM, vice president of communications for Suveto noted in the organizational elease that she was ­­­­an independent practice owner and understands the barriers challenging new doctors when it comes to practice ownership. “The landscape has changed dramatically since I graduated, and the barrier to entry only seems to be getting higher,” said Foret. “[] wants to provide a way to overcome those barriers and is helping students bridge the gap from graduation to ownership through GO. By equipping them with a unique hands-on learning experience dedicated to developing their medical competencies and business acumen, they’ll be able to move towards practice ownership quicker and take ownership of their future in veterinary medicine.” 

After completing their GO fellowship, participants will be presented with ownership opportunities tailored to their specific goals and desires.

The program will launch in the summer of 2023. Fifty spots are initially available and early matching will start on October 1, 2022.


Harbor.Vet by Suveto, leader in advancing veterinary practice ownership, launches new business fellowship program. News release. July 30, 2022. [email]

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