Miller's knot methodology: figure 2


A step-by-step photo package illustrating application of a Miller's knot for veterinarians.

A Miller's knot of 3-0 to 2-0 polypropylene (cats and small dogs) and 0 polypropylene (medium to large dogs) is applied around the entire pedicle under the two clamps.

This diagram shows application of the Miller's knot proximal to the proximal most clamp.

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Methodology: figure 1

Methodology: figure 2

Methodology: figure 3

Methodology: figure 4

Applying a Miller's knot: step 1

Applying a Miller's knot: step 2

Applying a Miller's knot: step 3

Case study: step 1

Case study: step 2

Case study: step 3

Comparison to traditional technique


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