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Mella releases first-ever non-invasive pet thermometer

dvm360dvm360 September 2021
Volume 52

This innovative thermometer accurately measures pet temperatures under the foreleg or hindleg and quickly sends results to practice management software.

Mella Pet Care's breakthrough underarm pet thermometer (Photo courtesy of Mella Pet Care).

Mella Pet Care's breakthrough underarm pet thermometer (Photo courtesy of Mella Pet Care).

Mella Pet Care has launched its latest innovation, Mella Pro—an accurate, clinically tested canine and feline thermometer that measures temperature non-invasively through the foreleg or hindleg and can be used by both veterinarians and pet owners.

This new product came to fruition when Anya Babbitt, CEO and cofounder of Mella, noticed there was no existing, easy, and Fear Free way to take her dog Mella’s temperature. She recognized that many owners feel uncomfortable throughout this process, and their pets also display hallmark signs of fear or distress during it.

“Before Mella, the veterinarian inserted an anal probe, wrote down the temperature, and entered it into a system,” says Babbitt in a company release. “We achieved a breakthrough in hardware by creating the world’s first accurate underarm thermometer, and also in software with temperature syncing with patient records.”

According to the release, the thermometer uses multiple temperature sensors, millions of patient records, and machine learning to deliver an accurate temperature reading. Currently, the thermometer is undergoing clinical trials at several universities that are planning to publish a peer-reviewed study comparing the accuracy level to a rectal thermometer.

Through its partnership with Vetspire, a cloud-based practice management system, the company also achieves the first end-to-end integrated vital signs measurement in both the veterinary and human market space. This occurs with Bluetooth connectivity, reducing human error, and automating veterinary workflows.

“We look forward to introducing Mella to all of the veterinarians that we work with and transforming the future of pet care together,” says Sam Ginn, Vetspire CEO and founder. “By joining forces with Mella, we’re taking the first steps to empower pet care professionals and pet parents using innovative, efficient, smart technology.”

Additionally, Mella has announced a $1.2 million in financing led by Pet Health Innovation Labs (Phil Ventures), a pet health & wellness technology hub backed by Australian pet retailer PETstock. The raise enables veterinarians and pet parents to have immediate access to the thermometer.

Mella is now accepting pre-orders for both Mella Pro and Home Thermometers, including a 30-day trial period. To pre-order Mella Pro or to learn more information, go here.

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