Making major career leaps


Facing a big change in your role? The resources can help!

As the editor of

Veterinary Economics, I talked all the time about the publication's mission to give you the business tools, insights, ideas, and inspiration you need to enjoy success in practice. And I have a theory that we can help most when you're undertaking a big transition: taking your first job, buying into a practice, buying or starting a practice, building a new practice, adding a partner, or planning for retirement, for example.

    Of course, we can't provide all the tools for all of those transitions in every issue of the magazine, so we've developed other resources that we think could help when you reach these critical career junctions. For example, we archive articles about how to prepare for a successful career and find a great job in our student center. Once you've got a job, you may want the reprint package we developed on associate compensation and contracts.

    We also offer reprint packages to address the issues that new owners face, including Buying Into a Practice and Starting Your First Practice. And we've got the issues relating to building well-covered with the hospital design section of dvm360, a series of veterinary design books, and a three-day design conference that addresses all the issues you'll confront between the day you start drawing floor plans on napkins and the day you open the doors to your new facility. At the Veterinary EconomicsHospital Design Conference, you'll get the chance to sit down with a nationally recognized veterinary architect to talk about your dream hospital--or your floo rplan, if you're ready for that step. You'll also get advice on everything from financing and zoning to flooring materials and odor control.

    Further down the career path? Perhaps you could benefit from the reprint packet we developed on valuing or selling a practice. Or you may want to attend the Progress in Practice seminars, held in conjunction with CVC East, CVC West, and CVC Central, to get in-person advice on valuing your practice, managing an ownership transition, or developing practice leaders.

    Do you see another way we could help? Let us know. We're always happy to hear your ideas and develop more resources. Just get in touch: We're excited about the possibilities practice offers and hope we can be part of your next great opportunity.

    Marnette Falley, Editor

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