Luxury boarding: Better care for pets and a better bottom line

October 14, 2016

Put a little pep into your practice with personalized boarding suites your veterinary clients will love.

Most of you don't want the hassle of managing an entire, full-sized boarding facility in or next to your veterinary practice, but have you considered adding a little bit of luxury boarding to your next remodel or building project? Even just a few runs can be quite profitable if done correctly.

More and more clinics are adding these often specially decorated or themed rooms to their floorplans, and practice owners and managers report that clients love the fun, personalized feel. Why should they have Spot stay in a regular-if a bit starkly sterile-feeling-run while they're on vacation when he could stay in a luxury run that's jungle themed and has views to the outdoors?

Check out the examples below for inspiration for your next remodel or building project, and don't be afraid to inject your personality into your rooms-just as these practices have.

Pet-owning clients of Country Club Veterinary Clinic in Lake Charles, Louisiana, choose from several themed boarding suites, including this one highlighting the local university. The rooms have windows to let in natural light and storefront glass doors to let the pets see out.

Boarding suites at Veterinary Medical Center of St. Lucie County, in Port St. Lucie, Florida, have princess, cowboy and jungle themes as well as satellite TV to entertain pets and webcams for monitoring by staff.

At Countryside Veterinary Center in Countryside, Illinois, the boarding area features home-like suites complete with welcome mats, green-grass-colored flooring and Dutch doors.