Low stress on the joints-and the psyche

April 26, 2016
Marian Paulachak

Marian Paulachak is a veterinary assistant at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

Try this tasty tip for encouraging skiddish veterinary patients undergoing underwater treadmill therapy.

Charming Charmin.

Charmin is undergoing physical rehabilitation for neuromuscular side effects secondary to diabetes that are affecting his rear limb strength and coordination. He is a low-energy dog that lacks motivation for any movement requirement. To encourage Charmin to walk without interruption in the underwater treadmill, we offer constant high-value treat rewards. This low-stress reward system encourages continuous movement that will help him to regain rear limb strength and stability.

Marian Paulachak is a veterinary assistant at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.