A low-stress approach to IV catheter placement


When youre placing an IV catheter, its important to keep minimizing the pets stress a constant priority.

We started by taking the cat to a quiet exam room with a pheromone diffuser and treats. 


Keeping pets calm improves the veterinary experience for clients as well as their pets. If pets will eat readily, you can offer treats during the procedure to provide positive reinforcement. 


Pets may face many fearful situations in a veterinary practice, and illness can enhance their fear. Our goal was to use minimal restraint and no scruffing. 


When you handle the pet, move slowly and keep your voice lowered. Offer treats before, during and after the procedure. 


If you need to hospitalize patients, try to keep their environment calm, keeping them in a quiet area of the hospital where you can closely monitor them. This is especially important for cats, who often react strongly to barking dogs and other loud noises in the hospital. 

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