A look back at Dr. Marty Becker's Big Bus Tour


While attempting to recover from a rigorous road schedule, Dr. Becker checks in to reflect on his epic journey.

As you might guess, Dr. Marty Becker is a little tired. A 29-city nationwide tour will do that to even the most energetic veterinarian.

Dr. Becker, a Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member, writer, speaker, and resident veterinarian for Good Morning America, says the 29,000 miles he's traveled in the last two months have taken a toll, but the experience is one he'll never forget.

The tour, which promoted his new book, Your Dog: The Owner's Manual, kicked off April 25 in Houston, then took a lap around the country, wrapping up in Dallas on June 7. Dr. Becker says he relished the chance to interact with both pet owners and veterinarians.

"The turnout at the VIP events was incredible," he says. "People came in with their ticket like it was a celebrity event."

And while he enjoyed seeing sites the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia and the people-watching in downtown Los Angeles, Dr. Becker says his favorite part of the tour was simply meeting veterinarians and hearing their stories, particularly during a time of economic uncertainty. "We went to some areas that are struggling, but you find people who have incredible ideas," he says. "You think, gosh, the area is down and out, but there are people in the midst of that who are providing exceptional customer service."

Now that the tour is over, Dr. Becker has a chance to do just that. In addition to his appearances on Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show, he'll continue to practice at his clinic in Sandpoint, Idaho. "I still love smelling puppy breath and being there for clients in both good times and bad," he says.

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