Loaning out veterinary facilities


How/what do I charge a mobile vet for using my facility

Q How/what do I charge a mobile vet for using my facility for procedures?

Loaning your facility out can be tricky— especially when the lendees don't offer to pay. "A mobile veterinarian who uses your facility and staff should expect to pay for the use of these services," says Gary Glassman, CPA.

Facility costs in a small hospital—including rent, utilities, property tax, repairs, and maintenance—can easily add up to 10 percent of gross revenue. If the other veterinarian is also using your technicians and receptionists, those costs including payroll taxes and fringe benefits tend to total 20 percent or more of gross revenue. Don't be afraid to insist they pay to use your facility, Glassman says.

One option Glassman recommends is asking the mobile veterinarian for a copy of his or her invoices related to services performed in the hospital monthly and asking for 30 percent of the total.

"Another way to determine reimbursement would be to add up your cost of facility and payroll, including payroll taxes and benefits, and divide it by the number of invoices you produce per year to come up with a cost per invoice," says Glassman. "Then use this amount as a reimbursement for the expenses for each invoice."

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