Live from CVC: Keep your voice calm to carry on tough conversations in the veterinary clinic


Dr. Ernie Ward says to control your tone and inflection during conversations with veterinary clients and co-workers

Do you know how you sound in the veterinary clinic? At a session on client communication at CVC Kansas City, Dr. Ernie Ward told veterinary team members that they should be consciously controlling their verbal communication—especially during confrontation and conflict with clients and co-workers

Dr. Ward says often when people are faced with conflict or resistance, their first response is to resort to fight or flight. When that happens, speech rates quicken, voices become high-pitched and volume typically increases.

But the appropriate way to sound is quite the opposite. Instead, try to lower your voice, slow down your speech and pause frequently. This will convey caring and sympathy to the people around you, which is necessary during sensitive conversations.

So the next time you're having a tough talk with a client or co-worker, remember to keep calm and carry on the conversation in a controlled tone.

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