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Dr. Dani McVety shares how inspiring young veterinarians reminds her of her own purpose in life.

The idea of helping veterinarians feel inspired and not loathing their work, especially for students and recent grads, lights me up. I feel so blessed to have found a purpose in my own life, and helping others ignite that spark within themselves is simply incredible to me. If I could pay back my student loans in thank-you cards, I would have worked even harder, if that's possible.

All images courtesy Dr. Dani McVetyLessons from post-grad life

One thing I wish someone had taught me in vet school: If you don't gain rapport and trust with the client, they will not allow you to spend their money and act on the treatment plan we went to school to learn.

I learned from horses years ago that you cannot make anyone or anything do something they don't want to do. Forcing your way with a horse is futile, just as forcing your way with your coworkers or clients. You must all be on the same page, talk through differences and be prepared to let go of things you cannot change.

My career tip

No one really knows what they're doing, so don't feel like you're behind.

What I want to learn next

I've always wanted to learn to golf. My business partner is amazing at it, and I've honestly never tried. Especially living in Florida, this just seems like a natural thing to learn!

Listen up!

My best efficiency tip is audiobooks! You can learn a foreign language or read the Iliad simply by driving to work. It's amazing.


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