Letter to the Editor: Entering the health-care debate


How will the potential healthcare reform affect veterinarians?

I read with interest as DVM Newsmagazine jumped into the healthcare debate with both feet. It is good to see you did not shy from this important issue that will affect all of us. I would love for the biggest health insurer of our profession, AVMA PLIT (The Hartford), to comment on the impact any of these bills would have upon our coverage. If government-run healthcare is the law of the land, whether it be an "option" or requirement, how will it impact us veterinarians?

As Dr. Shrader promotes the government plan as good for business, I know it is by design. Our government does not need to generate profit because they have the printing press. As long as China buys our IOUs, things seem OK. Undercut the insurance industry so they cannot effectively compete and soon we will be getting notices about changes to our plans.



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