Pride Veterinary Medical Community issues statement on anti-LGBTQ+ legislation


The organization calls on veterinary professionals to take a stand against discriminatory anti-LGBTQ+ legislation

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In a political environment that has already resulted in the filing of nearly 240 anti-LGBTQ+ bills in 2022,1 Pride Veterinary Medical Community (PrideVMC) has released a statement and call to action regarding the legislation. The statement asks veterinary professionals to resist these bills and actively support and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Additionally, PrideVMC is urging the veterinary community to read and sign it’s Gender Identity Bill of Rights, and the organization has provided a list of action items for those willing to take the next steps as an ally. The full statement is as follows2:

“As anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is gaining traction in state legislatures across the country, the call to action for PrideVMC is heard loud and clear. Combating this type of discrimination and outright harassment of our community is one of the strategic priorities of our organization, one of our primary reasons for being. PrideVMC’s strategic priority, number one, is to provide education and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ veterinary community through the lens of antiracism and intersectionality.

"We are aware that veterinary conferences and events may be held in states where this type of divisive legislation is being promoted. We are concerned that states and organizations may claim to support the ideas of diversity, equity, and inclusion, yet fail to stand up against these policies of harassment and discrimination. If veterinary conferences and events are being held in states where these laws are being passed, we are working to ensure that the environment will be as supportive as possible. We are engaged with our partners to provide guidance and resources to ensure that support for our community is not performative. We are prepared to assist organizations, companies, states, governments, private practices, and individuals to ensure that they can make informed decisions that support our community.”

“By providing resources and guidance we can hold these entities to a higher standard and hold them accountable. It is clear that anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and the harassment and discrimination that they promote is on the rise. This represents a clear threat to our community and threatens to reverse much of the advancements that we have made over the last few decades. If you as an individual or an organization support these divisive and hurtful policies in any way, this support will be seen as a direct attack on the mission and vision of PrideVMC. If you as an individual or organization benefit from partnership with PrideVMC it is expected that you will stand up to these attacks against our community.”

“Our organization is taking an active role in advocating for our community to ensure that all LGBTQ+ individuals and their families are protected and have access to the basic human rights that we all deserve. Know that if individuals need our advocacy and protection, it is here for you. Know that PrideVMC will continue to hold individuals and organizations to a higher standard and will continue to provide guidance and resources to ensure that these expectations are met.”

“We ask that in active support for our community and to stand in solidarity with PrideVMC and our fight against these laws, you as an individual or organization, read and sign the Gender Identity Bill of Rights if you have not already done so. We also ask that you commit to at least one of the additional action steps provided below. This sends a strong message to those who perpetrate hate and harassment that their behavior is unacceptable. This also sends a clear message to those who need our support that you stand with them and PrideVMC in our efforts to create a better world for the LGBTQ+ veterinary community.”

About PrideVMC

The mission of the Pride Veterinary Medical Community (PrideVMC) is to create a better world for the LGBTQ+ veterinary community. The organization strives to foster acceptance and inclusivity for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender presentations within the veterinary medical profession and community. It fights discrimination, builds collaborative networks, and supports LGBTQ+ veterinary students through mentorship and scholarship programs. ​PrideVMC membership is open to the entire animal health and veterinary community regardless of role, race, color, religion, national origin or citizenship status, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, or military status. Allies are welcome. For more information, contact


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