Leonardo DiCatprio crowned wackiest cat name of 2015


Nationwide announces the top 10 wackiest feline names.

Leonardo DiCatprio has edged out Fuzz Lightyear as the wackiest cat name of 2015 in Nationwide's annual contest, according to a company release. After the company selected their top 10 funniest names, they were put to a public vote and Leonardo DiCatprio, was crowned the winner. For a gallery of all 10 wacky cat names click through the pages below. 

1. Leonardo DiCatprio

Baily Norton is a big fan of humorous puns, something she tries to tie into her pets' names. When her newest cat had a lion-like face, she came up with the name Leo, and after brainstorming, the name Leonardo DiCatprio was born.


2. Fuzz Lightyear

Sherri Borden's daughter, Ashley, adopted Fuzz Lightyear before she enlisted for the Air Force so her mother wouldn't have to come home to an empty house in Ashley's absence. The family came up with the amusing name by making up variations of the cat's temporary name in the shelter. Later on, the family adopted another cat from the same shelter and kept with the Toy Story theme, naming her Bo Peep.


3. Captain Pancake

A roommate helped Michelle Tiggs name her new Christmas gift kitty, exclaiming, “He looks like a pancake!” the first time she saw him. His coat is the same golden shade as freshly made pancakes. The “Captain” came shortly after because it fit his personality.


4. Sir Nigel Meowmittens of Oscelot Court

Missy Salaam wanted each component of her pet's name to be unique and represent him. She chose “Meowmittens” because the cat is talkative and his paws have the appearance of mittens. The “Ocelot Court” refers to the ocelot spots on his coat. Lastly, she chose “Sir Nigel” because he needed something that sounded royal to match his regal personality.


5. Ziggy Ollyoxenfree

Judy Passer attended an adoption event at a pet store and fell in love with a beautiful 2-month-old kitten. The only problem was that several others had fallen in love with him as well. While she was waiting to hear who had been chosen to adopt the kitty, Passer hummed the Abba song “Take a Chance on Me.” What she didn't realize was that she was singing the lyrics wrong. The real lyrics to the song are “Honey I'm still free, take a chance on me,” but Passer had been singing “Ollyoxenfree, take a chance on me.” After she'd been notified that she'd been chosen to adopt the cat, she looked up the lyrics to find the correct spelling of ollyoxenfree and realized her mistake. She had always been going to name him Ziggy, but decided to add Ollyoxenfree as well.


6. Zelda Nacho

Zelda Nacho's name has both film and literary ties thanks to her owners, Heather and Doug Roemer. After seeing how energetic the kitten was, the Roemers wanted her to have a name that represented something wild, but have a literary tie as well because they're big readers. They settled on “Zelda” after F. Scot Fitzgerald's wife, who was known to be a free spirit. The “Nacho” comes from Doug's Halloween costume one year when he dressed up as the main character from Nacho Libre, one of Heather's favorite movies.


7. Sophistikitty

Annette Perrin's kitty got her name after Perrin watched the cat jump onto the counter and drink water out of a running faucet, and then walk over to the towel hanging nearby and used it to wipe her face. She looked like she had proper drinking etiquette and looked sophisticated. Thus, Sophistikitty was born.


8. Cornelius McPudness Vandercat

Cornelius McPudness Vandercat was found as a stray kitten on some railroad tracks outside an event Stacy Winters was attending. After rescuing the tiny kitten Winters decided to keep him as her own. She named him after railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt, just changing the last name a little bit. McPudness was added as a nickname and it stuck.


9. Sir Theodorable Purrsalot

Greg and Sheila Gustafson aren't sure why their son, Cody, chose to name their cat Sir Theodorable Purrsalot after adopting the kitten from a shelter, but they do know that the goofy name fits his personality.


10. Star Wars Steve

Melissa Moore's 6-year-old daughter, Sophia, helped Moore come up with the name for their new female cat. Sophia loved Star Wars at the time and blurted out “Star Wars Steve.” Moore wasn't sure there was a character named Steve in the movies, but that was the name her daughter wanted so they kept it.


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