Innovative digital microscopy platform is launched


Zomedica’s TRUVIEW offers advanced optics, automated slide preparation, and telepathology services.

Photo: Pee Paew/Adobe Stock

Photo: Pee Paew/Adobe Stock

An all-in-1 digital platform for microscopic examination of blood and cytology fluids is being launched by Zomedica at this weekend’s Pacific Veterinary Conference in Long Beach, California. The TRUVIEW platform utilizes both the company’s proprietary TRUprep system, which automatically prepares slides, and its’ LiquiView liquid lens technology for creating images, according to the company.

The platform’s digital imaging and telepathology component is an easy-to-use interface that provides veterinarians with multiple diagnostic options. It has the ability to read the slide directly on the microscope, review the slide digitally from a remote computer through the company's myZomedica web portal, and send the image to a Zomedica pathologist for external review and consultation. This technology is designed to boost veterinarian confidence in providing a consistent, reliable diagnostic result.

"The innovation of the automated slide prep feature has been a critical need in the industry for years," said Bill Campbell, vice president of imaging at Zomedica, in the company’s news release. "We have taken every step to make it easier than ever for clinics to have consistent slide quality, reduce human error and waste and deliver reliable results every time. By automating this critical step, the TRUVIEW microscope significantly improves the efficiency of veterinary practices, enabling veterinarians to save staff time and focus more on diagnosing their patients," Campbell added.

"The development of the TRUVIEW microscope has been a project I have been following closely", said Matthew Connolly, DVM, of Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence, Alabama, in the release. "Having a microscope that automatically smears and stains the slide produces very consistent quality, with the resulting image resolution better than manually prepared slides. With TRUVIEW in our lab we are more efficient, and it helps us provide the best medicine possible."

Following this weekend’s product launch, Zomedica will initially offer the platform to participating in the company's Customer Appreciation Program. "By combining advanced optics with automated slide preparation, we are providing veterinary professionals with a powerful tool that enhances their diagnostic capabilities and streamlines their workflow,” said Larry Heaton, CEO of Zomedica, in the release.

“The microscope will be placed in practices with no upfront capital required through a monthly subscription service in addition to fees for slide interpretations that will produce high margin revenue for the company. As we build inventory, we'll widen the launch as essentially all veterinary practices could benefit in several ways from adoption of the TRUVIEW system as they will receive quality images, professional interpretation and positive impacts on both workflow and cash flow," Heaton added.

Zomedica acquired the assets of Revo Squared in July of 2022 and has been actively working to enhance their product line and prepare for the launch of the TRUVIEW platform. TRUVIEW products are manufactured by Zomedica at its Global Manufacturing and Distribution Center in Roswell, Georgia.


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