IBPSA and Zoundz Music for Pets team up to reduce pet anxiety in pet care facilities


Science-based music therapy can help make this possible

The International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA), an association serving the pet care services industry by offering business resources, staff education, and legislative support, has partnered with Zoundz Music For Pets (Zoundz) to enhance overall wellness in pet care facilities.

The number of dogs with anxiety continues to grow and raise concerns for pet owners and pet care professionals. According to a study,1 more than 72% of dogs experience problematic behavior because of anxiety. Meanwhile, 90% percent of cat owners report behaviors that are indicators of separation anxiety.2

The collaboration between Zoundz and the IBPSA endorses music therapy as a solution to decrease anxiety in pets facing unfamiliar environments. Most dogs and cats display anxious behaviors in the care of pet care professionals and when this occurs, it is far more challenging to care for them.

"IBPSA is excited about this science-based musical therapy, as it brings in a new way of helping pets in a pet care environment. We are already seeing the positive effect this music has on the pets in the care of member boarding facilities. Zoundz has given the pet care industry one more tool to use as we continue to provide ‘best in class’ pet care,” said Carmen LV Rustenbeck, IBPSA founder and CEO, in a company release.3

According to the release,3 Zoundz music is composed and curated by a multi-disciplinary team of music composers, producers and engineers, animal behavior researchers and specialists, and veterinarian scientists who analyze and interpret calming qualities from animal behavior studies.4

"Helping animals live less anxious, joyous lives is first and foremost," said Derrick L. Garrett, Zoundz founder and CEO, in the release. "We've composed an extensive library of songs carefully created with species-appropriate tempo, sound frequency, and instrumentation to deliver maximum calming effects to dogs and cats during stressful situations."

The Zoundz Music for Pets program is offered to IBPSA Pet Care Professionals to promote an improved experience for pets and staff while furthering the business's dedication to supporting pet wellness.


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