How veterinary team members can ask for Internet access


Some veterinary practices don't allow team members to use the Internet at work. If your practice is among them, it's time to make your case.

While most veterinary practices allow team members to access the Internet, some (too many, really) are still stuck in the technological Dark Ages. Usually, this is due to one of two reasons, says Donna Recupido-Bauman, CVPM: They've either had a negative experience or they just prefer to do things the way they've always done them. But both of these viewpoints could hinder your ability to improve your skills and your practice.

So what can you do? Your homework, says Recupido-Bauman, hospital administrator at Veterinary Specialty Care in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. Develop a list of ways Internet access could benefit your practice. (If your practice has a manager, team up with him or her for help.) Think about how the Internet could allow you to order supplies, get CE and training, research clinical topics, communicate with clients, manage your practice website, order practice inventory, gain access to patients' lab results, and much more.

Next, price Internet services in your area to get a rough idea of what it will cost your practice each month. Find a few examples of Internet policies you could institute to make sure team members use the Web appropriately. Finally, identify a few security software options to make sure your new network will stay protected.

Once you've compiled all of this information, make your case to your practice owner. If you still find a closed door (or a disconnected cable), send your practice owner to Surely he or she would want you to have access to all that valuable information, right?

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