How to lead your veterinary team during COVID-19

April 2, 2020

Certified leadership and wellness coach Kristina Guldbrand shares some tips to help you keep your veterinary team connected during these challenging times.

Every veterinary team member is feeling the impact of COVID-19 differently, which is why flexibility among practice leaders is so important right now. Coming together during a crisis is what helps us get through it, says Kristina Guldbrand, CVT, BS, CSP.

“Community is the most important resource we have when dark times hit," she says. “It connects us, it makes us feel like we’re not in this alone." The keys for leaders, Guldbrand says, are to promote positivity and recognize that "everyone is doing the best they can right now."

Guldbrand offers three tips for veterinary leaders in the face of the pandemic:

  1. Create community within your practice.
  2. Involve the entire team in devising solutions for modifying practice protocols.
  3. Be human.

In this video, Guldbrand explains how to put her tips into action.