How to successfully market microchipping


Microchipping is becoming standard procedure for many practices. Is your clinic keeping up with the times?

If you've seen fewer of those heart-wrenching "lost pet" signs lately, check your medical records and you'll likely find part of the reason: Clients are embracing microchips more than ever before, according to many major news sources. It's no surprise, since team members at many practices are making strong, informed recommendations and prices are reasonable. But if some of your clients are still hesitant to invest in a microchip, try these suggestions to get them on board.

Start up front. Promote microchips at the front desk with educational handouts. (For an example, see "The value of microchipping" in Related Links below). Share success stories with clients, and let them know that microchips are affordable.

Develop a package deal. Include microchips in all spay or neuter procedures. By providing them to all patients, you can drop the price a bit, add it to the surgery fee, and probably earn as much or more than you did when providing fewer microchips at a higher price.

Improve your communication skills. Often it's as simple as asking clients at check-in if they want their pet to be chipped today. To avoid appearing uninformed, be sure to check the purpose of the visit and make sure the pet isn't already chipped. Also, make microchipping a standard option on all surgical and dental procedures, not just at puppy and kitten spay or neuter procedures—it's a great time to chip! And remember to remind clients to keep their contact information updated with the microchip company.

By now, most doctors and team members have a success story about when the practice has reunited a pet with its family. Based on these happy outcomes and the fact that most manufacturers offer universal chips and scanners, microchipping is more popular than ever. Fine-tune your microchip program, and you'll help put your clients' minds at ease.

Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member Dr. Jeff Rothstein, MBA, is president of Progressive Pet Animal Hospitals and Management Group in Michigan.

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