How to make your website sing your praises


Tooting your horn can be as much about online activity as face-to-face interactions.

When was the last time you evaluated how well your website is working for your practice? Just as you wouldn't let a new associate go years without a performance review, your website is not a "build it and forget it" investment. Your clients are smart enough to know a good site when they see one, and it reflects positively on your business if your site is modern and up-to-date. Make sure you're at least on target with these basics:

Don't hide the goods. Display your practice's address, telephone number, and hours clearly on the home page.

Keep it simple. Go easy on the fancy stuff, and don't make any noise. You might think that 90-second Flash animation—complete with dramatic music—is a good idea, but your clients will think it's an annoying waste of their time.

Show your face. Post pictures of your staff and facility. Clients like to know who they're dealing with ahead of time.

Make sure everything works. If it's on your site, the information and links need to be current, accurate, and functional.

Let your brand shine through. Whether it's your surgical specialty, your love of exotic pets, your down-to-earth attitude, or something else entirely, you'll be doing yourself a big service by making your website reflect who you are as a practice or practitioner.

Consumers today want to be able to find information about your practice anytime from anywhere. They also want to feel good about their purchase decisions. A well-designed website satisfies both of those needs, creating value for your business.

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