How Fetch dvm360 aims to make your life easier (or at least happier)

March 23, 2018
Gabrielle Roman, Content Marketing Manager
Gabrielle Roman, Content Marketing Manager

Gabrielle Roman is the Content Marketing Manager for the dvm360 team. She helps brainstorm, produce and promote all the excellent content you can find on and the print publications dvm360 magazine, Firstline and Vetted. In 2018, she was named a Folio: Rising Star Award Honoree.

We want to give you more than just great veterinary CE: its time to address your hearts and not just your (big, sexy) brains.

Working in veterinary medicine is stressful, and the demands of the job often affect the well-being of veterinary professionals in the form of depression and burnout (consider the results of the recent Merck study that showed these issue reflected particularly in female and younger veterinarians).

That's why Fetch dvm360 conference has changed our approach to veterinary CE and started to focus on the biggest issues affecting you. Centering the show on four pillars allows us to address the biggest areas where we can help veterinary professionals (like you!) avoid some of those feelings of hopelessness and regret, like the attendee in this session.

Check it out:


It's time to focus on you, for once. It might seem a little woo-woo, but hard science points to the fact that self-care and nurturing of the physical body is key to a happier, healthier life. (We know you know that, because you care for pets every day). Tend to yourself in one of these ways:

> Take some time to focus. Go to a guided meditation session or do some yoga. Center your mind and body and get a clearer idea of how you want to move forward with your day or year.

> Go to a session that addresses a personal issue you might have: maybe something that talks about toxic teams, compassion fatigue or debt issues.

> Find some ways to blow off steam in the exhibit hall by hunting down the adoption and therapy dogs. A few pats and ear scritches can go a long way.



Sometimes it can seem impossible to break free of the daily grind. But with some guidance, you can do things differently and learn to love your job again (we promise!). Try some of these approaches to bust out of that rut:

> Try something new-either a session on a topic you always sort of wanted to know more about or something fun going on around you

> Find a session that looks ahead to the future of veterinary medicine and what you can do to get on the cutting edge

> Look out for giveaways and go hunt down the hidden gems we've got in the exhibit hall to win prizes big and small.



You have a lot in common with everyone else at Fetch dvm360 conferences. Similar days. Similar challenges. Use that to your advantage! Talking to people isn't the most appealing prospect to a crowd of introverts, but we have some ways to help you get there:

> Find like-minded peers at various Fetch dvm360 events like the Go party in the exhibit hall, at a lounge or through an eye opener breakfast (you could even peek into a networking event-deep breath!)

> Use the Fetch dvm360 conference app to see what other attendees are up to and how you can join in the fun

> Go to the Veterinary Confessionals Project in the exhibit hall, write your own and see what other people have to say (it's likely you'll see other people face the same struggles).



All that great learning has to be put to use somehow, which is why we have the tools and resources you need to be able to put into practice all that new knowledge you've accumulated. Here are a couple ways we're leaving you with more:

> Facilitated sessions that work with the way our brains learn to optimize adult learning and leave you walking away with more

> Proceedings and handouts tied to the sessions you attend in the Fetch dvm360 conference app

> Articles, handouts and just about anything else you could ever need on that follow up on what you learned and help you get those ideas moving.


You. Can. Do. This!

At Fetch dvm360 conference, we're the support system you need. With every conference this year, we intend to nurture your mind (meaning quality CE for days) while also encouraging you to take stock of your physical and emotional health. Register now.