How fear is affecting practice management (Proceedings)


Inanimate objects are made of energy, just as living beings are. In fact, everything in life is energy -- thoughts, emotions, intentions and even businesses and communities. The energetic state of a business is set by the founders, and continued by those in control.

This lecture is based on energy theory and principles. In the interest of saving paper, please read The Science of Energy Medicine and Empowering Your Life Personally and Professionally Parts I and II before continuing with these notes.

You Don't Have to Be Alive to Resonate

Inanimate objects are made of energy, just as living beings are. In fact, everything in life is energy -- thoughts, emotions, intentions and even businesses and communities. The energetic state of a business is set by the founders, and continued by those in control.

Just as in energy medicine, energies resonate and entrain. So, the vibration of a practice resonates and entrains with those individuals who are vibrating at a similar frequency. (If one takes a more spiritual approach to this theory, the practice has the energy needed to help those working there overcome the challenges they came into this life to take on.)

We also know from energy theory and Tesla's theory of Magnetic Resonance that vibrations increase or decrease the intensity and amplitude of similar frequencies. Like increases like. If the energy of a situation is negative, it increases the negativity within the energy fields of the people and animals existing in the business's energy field. If the practice environment is positive and respectful, the staff and animals will be supported energetically. Decision making will be appropriate for the situation, good clients will be attracted into the practice, and the animals will receive proper care.

Financial Effects

Money is linked to survival, and thus holds a powerful place in humanity's evolution. "Not having enough" triggers an instinctive survival mechanism that can even set off a fight or flight response. If we are not able to face this emotion and overcome its energy, our energy field then becomes more negative. Like increases like, so the odds of "not having enough" increase, and clients drop off or overhead increases. That creates more fear, more negative vibration, poor decision making, and the cycle continues. Fear is destructive, and can eventually lead to the failure of a practice (or our health and relationships).

Another energy concept that is imperative to understand is the intention behind a business. If your intention does not match your actions, then the energies of the two situations are dissonant. Much like out-of-tune musicians in an orchestra create music painful to the ears, your non-aligned intentions will create negativity painful to your practice. For example, if you became a veterinarian to help animals and society, but now your actions come from practice management philosophies that focus on increasing your productivity and income, you have veered from your original intention. This discord will create a negative energy, increasing fears already in your energy field, and can ultimately lead to illness or failure. If you maintain the intention that all of your actions will be in line with the best interests of your patients and clients, then you will succeed. It doesn't matter what the economic situation is, you will succeed.

How do we allay our fears when the current financial reality is not what we hope for? How can we create the practice environment and stability we desire? The answer is simple, but not easy. Choose what you want, stay positive and out of fear, ask for guidance, and take one day at a time. (You may want to review Principles to Empower Yourself Professionally and Personally Part II) And you must also understand that energy permeates everything. If you have a relationship with someone close to you (or yourself) that is negative, that energy WILL manifest in your practice. If you are a victim at home, you will be a victim of poor practice management, or a supervisor that doesn't respect you. If you are angry and judgmental toward someone from your past, you will create anger and judgment in your practice. You will attract angry, gossipy employees as well as clients. You create what your energy field vibrates.

If you have the courage to face the elephant in the room, you are on your way to creating success in every aspect of your life. You don't have to know how, but you must choose it. Each day must begin with a choice as to who you want to be -- courageous, powerful, and kind or angry, bitter and woeful. There is no right or wrong about what you choose – it's your life and practice. But knowledge is power, and if you know that your actions and thoughts have physical consequences, you can make an informed choice about the life you want to live. The example I will reiterate is related to Newtonian physics. If Mother Theresa and Hitler both jumped off a building, which one would go splat? The answer of course, is both. Their good or evil acts have nothing to do with the physics of gravity. But when it comes to quantum physics, personalities do have something to do with reality. So know what you are dealing with, so you may be empowered to live a life of your choosing.

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