How e-prescribing can save time and enhance patient safety


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On the latest episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, host Adam Christman, DVM, MBA explores the emerging world of electronic prescribing with Elliot Garber, DVM, MPH, MS, DACVPM. They discuss how this can affect workflow and why it has taken so long for this process to make the jump from human to veterinary medicine.

Below is a partial transcript. Listen to the full podcast for more.

Elliot Garber, DVM, MPH, MS, DACVPM: If you're going to be losing those sales anyway, you don't want to then have to pay your staff to sort through both the fax machine and 5 different online portals from different pharmacies to check the medical records [to] make sure...[it] is a valid prescription. Then, go in and approve it or fax it back or get on the phone to the retail pharmacy and try to reach the pharmacist who can actually talk to you to approve a prescription. So, it's kind of a double burn for the veterinary teams, because not only are they losing the sale of that prescription product, but then they have to lose a bunch of their time dealing with that in an inefficient way too.

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