How can I thank my amazing vet?

November 28, 2019

Veterinarians and veterinary teams regularly do wonders for pets. Here are five ways you can show gratitude to the ones making sure your beloved family members are happy and healthy this holiday season.

Svetlana/stock.adobe.comWant to show you care for the people who care for your pet? Try one of these ideas.

1. Sandwich platter.

There's often sweets or snacks in veterinary practice break rooms, but that doesn't help much when you haven't had a lunch break (or, well, any lunch at all) over the course of the last 8 shifts.

2. Fruits or veggies!

Long ER overnights, a string of back-to-back appointments or endless hours of medical paperwork means we often eat junk because that's all that's available. A simple tray of fruit to stash in the clinic break room helps get us back on track.

3. A giftcard to a local coffee shop.

It works wonders for your kids' kindergarten teachers, and we love it too.

4. A nice letter to our supervisor/practice owner or a kind online review.

Telling other important people (whether our bosses or other pet owners) that you were grateful for the care your pet received is a priceless gesture we deeply appreciate.

5. A handwritten card.

When faced with a slew of tough cases, difficult clients and the stress of things gone wrong, it's sometimes really difficult to remain positive. Not only is it nice to reflect on what went right, but we also hang on to those sweet notes and pull them out to reread when things get particularly difficult. Bonus? When you include the clinic support staff in those notes-because care for pets is never a solo effort.