Honoring World Animal Day 2021


Today is World Animal Day! Discover its origin and how you can get involved, plus learn a few fun facts surrounding this inspiring occasion.

Africa Studio / stock.adobe.com

Africa Studio / stock.adobe.com

Today we commemorate World Animal Day (WAD), an international movement and campaign designed to elevate the status of all animals by improving welfare standards across the globe.1 Government departments, community groups, animal welfare organizations, celebrities, and beyond coordinate empowering events including the awareness and education of all animal species worldwide.

Interested in discovering how your veterinary clinic can contribute to World Animal Day? Here are a few ways to demonstrate support:2

  • Display posters around the clinic or on social media using this printable World Animal Day flyer or creating your own highlighting the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare3
  • Make a social media post and use the hashtag #WorldAnimalDay
  • Submit an article to a newspaper or magazine emphasizing an animal welfare issue to raise awareness
  • Ask colleagues to sign the World Animal Day pledge board4 and proclaim a formal dedication to promoting animal welfare
  • Attend an event5 in honor of WAD and encourage colleagues to join (if there aren’t anyone in the area, there may be some online)

Additionally, check out these fun facts surrounding World Animal Day:

  • World Animal Day has been celebrated for 96 years6
  • Over 1,000 WAD events occur internationally each year5
  • Various celebrities across the globe support the campaign7
  • The organization currently has a team of 93 ambassadors representing 73 countries globally8
  • WAD broke records in 2019 by trending in 56 countries on October 4, 2019, and reaching 39 million people9

So, what are you waiting for? Today’s the day you can start making a change by supporting animal welfare and getting involved with World Animal Day, (though every day you can contribute to the cause!).


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