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Healthcare documentation certification launches for veterinary professionals.

dvm360dvm360 October 2023
Volume 54
Issue 10
Pages: 30

The CVHDP credential is valid for 3 years and can be renewed.

veterinary healthcare paperwork

Photo: Yakobchuk Olena/Adobe Stock

A healthcare documentation program and certification path for veterinary healthcare professionals has been launched by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) and VCA Animal Hospitals (VCA).1 The certification opportunity is open to anyone with an interest in earning the credential.

Students and practitioners participating in the Certified Veterinary Healthcare Documentation Professional (CVHDP) program will learn about the role of a veterinary healthcare scribe while preparing for certification through the new program.1 Healthcare scribes, including those in veterinary medicine, work closely with doctors. These professionals are maintaining electronic records, collecting patient data, and assisting with administrative tasks, according to ScribeAmerica, a medical scribe solution provider.2

Many veterinarians currently spend 2 or more hours daily typing medical notes from patient visits, which takes time away from seeing patients and other tasks, according to a VCA news release. Medical scribes are playing an integral role in veterinary healthcare by allowing providers to focus more directly on their patients. Training programs and credentialing exams have long been accessible to documentation professionals in human healthcare, and the role of a veterinary healthcare scribe role is now emerging as a key support position for veterinarian and hospital teams.1

Although veterinary medicine is embracing medical scribing, there has not been a certification for documentation professionals in the industry, prior to the CVHDP program, according to Marie Kerl, DVM, MPH, MBA, DACVIM, DACVECC, chief medical officer for VCA Animal Hospitals. "The program also provides a clear avenue for current veterinary care providers or those interested in the veterinary field to get involved by supporting patient care. This will expand career opportunities across the board," Kerl said, in the release.1

Veterinary scribes can help elevate a team’s efficiency and effectiveness in providing patient care.2 Certification in veterinary healthcare documentation also positively impacts patients by providing precise documentation as well as employers seeking highly qualified and trusted healthcare documentation professionals. Individuals who earn the certification show their commitment to upholding industry standards and continued learning.1

"Technology and artificial intelligence are often touted as solutions for creating medical records, but the value of the healthcare documentation professional or scribe cannot be underestimated. With superior knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, disease processes, labs and studies, treatment modalities, etc., and an unrivaled attention to detail, accuracy, and ability to think critically, these often-unseen advocates help to ensure that medical decisions can be made based on the highest quality documentation possible," said Sheila Guston, CHDS, CHDP-A, CHDP-S, AHDI-F, Interim CEO at AHDI, in the release.1

The CVHDP credential earned through AHDI is valid for 3 years with access to renewal. The re-credentialing process and continuing education requirements reassure employers, clients, and the public of continued professional competence in the documentation of patient health care, according to the release.1


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