Have you been a good doggie this year?


A poll shows many owners will include their pets in their holiday shopping.

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Does the down economy mean less holiday spending this year? Not when it comes to pets. A new poll from the Associated Press and Petside.com reveals that 52 percent of dog and cat owners will purchase gifts for their pets this holiday season, compared with 43 percent of owners last year.

If you're a dog owned by a female, the chances you'll have a gift to unwrap are pretty good, given the demographic differences in the poll data: 60 percent of dog owners will purchase gifts vs. 40 percent of cat owners, and 62 percent of women will purchase gifts for pets vs. 40 percent of men.

The poll also investigated whether owning a pet influenced holiday decorating decisions: 59 percent of owners thought pets were a minor consideration. But 14 percent admitted that their pets had gotten mixed up in the holiday trimmings.

So now is the time to promote those doggie and kitty retail items in your clinic that would make great presents, and help ensure your patients have a great holiday.

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