A handout for every tick!


Tick off the "Beat ticks!" box on your veterinary clients' checklist with these handouts.

OK, maybe not a client handout for EVERY tick, because that's got to be a lot. But certainly the worst ones you'll see! (RATOCA/stock.adobe.com)Alright, doctors, technicians, managers and receptionists, your veterinary clients have tick problems (or are going to, if they don't change their behavior). Let's PDF print our way to a less tick-y world!

What's your client saying?


“My dog doesn't need tick preventive in the winter. Cold kills ‘em all.”

Wait, what? No. Let's mangle those tick myths! Share this: http://veterinarybusiness.dvm360.com/node/300536


“It's cheaper just to give my cat the dog's preventive.”

Cheaper? Maybe. Way more dangerous? Definitely. Here, read this: http://veterinarymedicine.dvm360.com/node/455982


“We were in the woods, and I found a tick on me. How do I do a tick check on my dog?”

Glad you asked. Let's do this: http://veterinaryteam.dvm360.com/node/444772


“Where'd this tick come from? THE BACKYARD?!”

Yup. They dig your backyard too. But there are some steps you can take to cut down on the little, blood-sucking buggers. Try this: http://veterinaryteam.dvm360.com/node/445630


“What kind of tick is this?”

What do you look like, an entomologist? We're kidding. Yes, for sure, the lab's the best place for tick identification, but you can start here: http://www.dvm360.com/node/432781


“Can I just burn this tick off?”

Please don't. If you need to, come to the veterinary hospital. Otherwise, here are some tips for tick removal: http://veterinarybusiness.dvm360.com/node/445291


“I can't protect my puppy and kitten from ticks!”

Well, the preventives for grown-up cats and dogs aren't necessarily safe, but hope's not lost! Check this out: http://veterinaryteam.dvm360.com/node/458121


“How do I know if I've got a tick-borne illness?”

That is so a question for the physician. But for curiosity's sake: http://www.dvm360.com/node/432391

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