H1N1 strikes New York dog


A 13-year-old mixed-breed dog was confirmed last week with H1N1 influenza -- the first documented case in the United States.

Bedford Hills, N.Y.

– A 13-year-old neutered mixed-breed dog was diagnosed with H1N1 last week and is now recovering. This is the first confirmed H1N1 case in the United States involving a canine, after two previously reported, but unconfirmed, cases emerged in China last month.

IDEXX Reference Laboratories confirmed the case using its H1N1 Influenza Virus RealPCR™ Test.

The dog was taken to Katonah Bedford Veterinary Center in Bedford Hills, N.Y., on Dec. 13, two days after being examined by its regular veterinarian. The dog presented with a dry cough, lethargy and a temperature of 103.6°F. Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs were prescribed, but the animal did not respond to treatment, according to IDEXX. In addition, the dog’s owner had been diagnosed earlier in the week with the H1N1 virus.

Radiographs were taken, revealing evidence of “pneumonia with consolidation of the right cranial and middle-lung lobes and prominent air bronchograms,” IDEXX reports.

The dog was hospitalized and placed on intravenous fluids and antibiotics. Saline nebulization and coupage were administered four times a day. The dog was released from the hospital two days later and is doing well, IDEXX says.

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