Grow new technicians


Take one motivated candidate, add an annual school allowance, and what do you get?

Take one motivated candidate, add an annual technician school allowance, and what do you get? A credentialed technician, says Emma McGuffin-Sanchez, business manager at Pacific Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Service in Capitola, Calif. Her practice sets aside $2,400 every year that employees can apply toward attending veterinary technology school. "We offer this program to team members who meet or exceed the hospital's expectations," McGuffin-Sanchez says.

To apply, candidates must submit a letter outlining why they should be considered to receive the funds. Then the practice owners and nursing supervisor review the applications and select the deserving participants.

There is one condition: Team members who accept the funds must agree to work full time at the practice for two years after completing their schooling. "We divide the allowance over a 24-month period as a loan," McGuffin-Sanchez says. "Then, if the candidate leaves before he or she completes two years of employment, we prorate the amount of the loan that's forgiven."

McGuffin-Sanchez says her practice is pleased with the program's results. "It's one way we can demonstrate our support for our nurses," she says. "If they succeed, we succeed."

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