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We love it when you share your veterinary life in first person.

The dvm360 news team spends a lot of time thinking and talking about what's most important to our audience-that would be you-and how best to track down trends, stories and advice in order to present the best veterinary content possible online and in print. Many of you help us with that (we've come to refer to you as “dvm360 influencers”-thanks, team!), offering your insights and perspectives anytime we ask.

But sometimes things simply drop in our lap, and all we have to do is run with it. Such is the case with an article in this issue: “My veterinary practice's data was held for ransom.” The author had learned a couple of things the hard way about IT security in his veterinary practice, and he wanted to share his experience with his colleagues so they could be on the alert for similar malfeasance. The result is a helpful article, yes, but it's also a highly engaging-and even entertaining-account of his back-and-forth with the hacker. I chuckle every time I read it, even while sympathizing with the stress the author felt as the situation played out.

This is the kind of thing we can't create ourselves on the dvm360 news team. We have to rely on you for this first-person, “it happened to me” kind of article-and I happen to think it's one of the most effective forms of storytelling we offer. These kinds of articles are often funnier, sadder, sweeter and more heartfelt than what we can create ourselves-and don't get me wrong; I happen to think we create some awesome stuff! But we are not you. You are you. Enough said.

So if you've ever had Herriot­esque aspirations, or if something just happened in your veterinary life that makes you laugh (or cry) every time you think about it, or if your story can help someone else who may be going through the exact same thing, or if you had a moment that made you remember why you became a veterinarian, please let us know! Send an email to or direct-message us through one of our social media channels describing what you'd like to write about.

We'll even pay for your submission if we choose to accept it. But hopefully the biggest payoff will be the knowledge that you helped, or warned, or inspired your colleagues. For that there really is no price.

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