Getting staff buy-in with parasitic preventives


The panel discusses what flea, tick, and heartworm preventives they each prefer and how to get staff buy-in to help recommend it to clients.

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Adam Christman, DVM, MBA: If you're in a large practice or sales with clients and receptionist and stuff, so how did you get the team to buy in? Well, I should ask what flea and tick preventive heartworm prevention do you have and recommend, and how did you get the team to get the buy in to recommend it to clients?

Katina Carter, DVM: We use Interceptor Plus, and we use Credelio pretty much exclusively, and that's for a couple of reasons. I probably could offer them all sorts of things, but I think that like mine, your head explodes. And this is really important, so I don't want them just [asking] what's the color of the box and what's the flavor? So, we went with those because they cover one extra parasite, the Interceptor Plus does. And the really important thing for me was, they're both fine with food allergies. And so, I don't even have to worry about it. So, that's our option. We don't have to [ask] "Oh, do you have any food allergies, and you can't use this while we check it."

Bill Carter, DVM: And reception really always knows they always have good . . . and, you know, specials for the owners, which we make sure reception knows that, because they ask me and I have no idea.

Adam Christman, DVM, MBA: So, you mean rebates?

Bill Carter, DVM: Yes. Right. Yeah, clients really like that. And that also encourages them to stay on stay on it and to get it from the veterinarian. Because a lot of those are . . .

Katina Carter, DVM: We keep our team active with that and involved in that because they all have pets, and they all want the best for theirs as well. So, they all use it, also.

Bill Carter, DVM: You do have some owners that worry about the whole chewable aspect and, you know, some of them will use like a Seresto collar, you know, which you know, I like Seresto collars. The one thing I find with that is compliance with owners, and by compliance, I mean I always end up tightening them when they come in. I'm like this isn't it's not going to work if it's just hanging. It's not a necklace. It's a collar, you know, so a lot of owners that worry about, you know, ingestible medication, you know, feel a little more comfortable with either a topical or a collar like Seresto right? Which is, you know, fine unless you have to do the dogs like ours who, you know, rip everything off, including the big actual real collars.

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