Fun with numbers


Check out the answers to your questions about your salary and benefits, how to handle team conflict, what clients want, who owns pets, and data on 11 other critical trends.

Ask most journalists and they'll tell you they chose reporting because they prefer working with words and hate math with a passion. So the thought of doing a whole issue of numbers makes even the strongest of us weep. We created this special State of the Industry Report for one simple reason: It's the best way to show the trends we know—and the ones that are just on the cusp of discovery.

For example, did you know that team pay is on the rise? Have you heard that reduced-fee veterinary care is the most-offered benefit in veterinary practices, followed closely by paid vacation? And did you know that 63 percent of households in the United States include at least one pet?

This issue is full of fun facts like these, and our goal is to give you the knowledge to do your job better. We want to help you build the career you've always dreamed of. And we want to inspire you to grow your practice and be a change agent. So this month, we're taking a look at trends to show you how your job fits into the evolving veterinary industry.

You know how important you are to your practice, and we've broken down the pertinent facts to show you how much time you spend educating clients, your influences on their purchases, the facts about client spending, what each lost client costs, and much more.

As you read this special issue, think about these trends and how they affect how your practice does business. Are you prepared for the future? Do you need more training to meet pet owners' changing needs, and if so, who will pay?

We may not be able to offer you a crystal ball, but here's the next best thing: Facts about how your team's working together and how clients' needs are changing. With this data in mind, you'll be prepared to meet all of the challenges of your job and the changing marketplace.

Portia Stewart, Editor

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