Fetch dvm360 conference keynote: What dreams are made of


At Fetch dvm360 conference in Virginia Beach, Drs. Dani McVety and Andy Roark offered advice on how to regain perspective and really love veterinary medicine.

Speaking to a packed house on Friday, May 18, at the Fetch dvm360 conference, Drs. Dani McVety and Andy Roark delivered a keynote aimed at reminding veterinary professionals why vet med rules and how they can be the leaders their practice deserves. Dr. Roark's first words of advice to attendees: take time to plan their goals to make the most of their time at the conference.

Sometimes changing your thinking can be the barrier to getting things done. To overcome this challenge, Dr. Roark offered this tip: 

While it's easy to get caught up in the race to achieve the next goal, Dr. McVety encouraged attendees to measure what they valued most to help set their goals. 

This strategy led her to the "Be do have" philosophy. (Need help with this one?

Check out these links.


Once Dr. McVety settled on her values, her personal mission became clear to her. 


You. Can. Do. This!

At Fetch dvm360 conference, we're the support system you need. With every conference this year, we intend to nurture your mind (meaning quality CE for days) while also encouraging you to take stock of your physical and emotional health. Register now.

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