Fear-Free veterinary tip: Try pet massage


Can you trick pets into thinking the V-E-T word really means spa? A gentle pet massage might be the first step.

Julie from Rollover Pet Massage primes patients and gets them relaxed with massage before they meet the staff at North Idaho Animal Hospital.Massage and petting are profoundly impactful on animals who enjoy being touched. This can be a great way to calm pets pre-exam with a short massage session. Animals are almost always more relaxed and receptive to care after this care.

Massage for pets before, during and after veterinary visits may help reduce the pet's stress.

During the exam, try petting and touch as a reward for remaining calm.

You can see the massage begin to work its magic.

It's also useful as a distraction during exams. For example, a person the dog or cat is comfortable with can pet while another person integrates their hands into the touch. This helps allow for examination or procedures, such as palpating the heart.

Success! That's one peaceful pooch.

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