FDA may ban energy drinks


Administration is looking into beverages that contain high amounts of caffeine and alcohol.

Relax-the energy drink you use to get through the day at your veterinary practice probably isn't on the potential banned list. And if it is, you might just deserve to be banned from the practice. That's because drinks like Four Loko or Joose contain generous amounts of alcohol along with heaps of caffeine.

While the FDA investigates prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages with caffeine additives, one state has already made a decision. New York Gov. David Paterson has said the drinks would be banned in his state.

Of course, consuming alcohol on the job is not acceptable But what about caffeine? Could downing copious amounts of caffeine count as reckless behavior? Check out the related links below to see why one study recommends a coffee buzz while working and another doesn't.

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