FAQs: The Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition


Here are the most common questions we receive each year-and answers that will help you build a stellar entry notebook.

Entering the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition is a laborious project-but one that can pay huge dividends-like a feature article about your hospital and free registration to the Hospital Design Conference. Each fall, we field tons of questions about how to enter and what to include in the notebook. Here are the most common ones:

Q: How do I enter the Hospital Design Competition?

A: Just follow the directions on the entry form. Click here to download the form, and then start putting together your entry. Start early, though-compiling all of that information will take time.

Q: I finished my hospital three years ago. Can I enter this year's competition?

A: Yes. You have a five-year window to enter your hospital from the time it's built. For the 2018 competition, hospitals must have been built between Nov. 20, 2013, and Nov. 20, 2017.

Q: Can I enter more than once?

A: Absolutely. If your hospital wasn't chosen for a Merit Award or as the Hospital of the Year, you're more than welcome to enter again.

Q: How are the entries judged?

A: Our judges use the following categories when analyzing each notebook: originality of site plan, mechanical features, outpatient areas, plumbing features, electrical features, quality of finish materials, and overall features. Winners are deemed “excellent” in all of these areas.

Q: I didn't use an architect. Who should sign the license agreement?

A: The person who designed your floor plan is responsible for signing the license agreement in place of an architect. If that's you, then you should sign it.

Q: What should I include on photo labels?

A: Include as much information as you'd like. Tell us about the interesting features of each room, or point out a piece of useful equipment-sell your hospital to the judges. Bare minimum, you should include a label for each room displaying its function (“reception,” “exam room,” etc.).

Q: When is my entry due?

A: Entries for the 2018 competition must be postmarked by Nov. 25, 2017. Entries postmarked after that date will be disqualified.

Q: What can I do to put my entry over the top?

A: Here are a few strategies that will make your entry notebook stand out from the rest:

> Use photos liberally. Since our judges can't visit each hospital in person, they must rely on photographs. So give them a tour on paper. Larger photos (8 by 10) generally work better, and each photograph should be clearly labeled. Put a photo containing the name of your practice on the outside cover of your notebook so our judges can find your entry easily.

> Show us the extras. Include marketing materials, newspaper articles, or other media clippings to show us the impact your practice has had on your community.

> Hire a professional photographer. The biggest mistake we see each year is practice owners who submit poor-quality photos. You might think one of your team members can take perfectly competent photos, but professional photographers study lighting techniques and shooting angles for a living. Not only will professional photos make your entry look better, they'll look better in the pages of dvm360 magazine if you're selected as a winner.

Note: If your question wasn't addressed in this list, please e-mail it to ve@ubm.com with a subject line of "Hospital Design Competition.

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