Establishing core values in veterinary practice


You should have employees participate in the creation of the practice's core values says CVC speaker Shawn McVey.

Establishing core values for your practice and including the whole team in that prossess is extremely important says Shawn McVey, MA, MSW, Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member and owner of McVey Management Solutions in Chicago.

McVey says core values are “fundemental ethical, moral, and professional business beliefs.” These values should form the basis for relationships and personal conduct, provide direction in decision making, represent the culture, and unify the organization. He suggests having everyone on the team write down their top five core values and work the best ones into the core values of the practice.

Examples McVey gave of good core values are, “Excellence: we create value for our clients by providing quality and excellence in all that we do and the way in which we do it” and “Patient Care: we are committed to providing the most compassionate, ethical and quality care to our patients. We treat them as if they were members of our own families.”

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