Endless possibilities, just waiting for you


The 2016 Hospital Design Supplement has the tools and tips to help you hone your design vision.

To infinity, and beyond! Yeah. I said it. Or, maybe, Buzz Lightyear said it. It may be cliche, but when I think of hospital design I think of the myriad possibilities and ideas each project holds. And I'm not just talking about behemoth practices. Even the smallest project, like a reception area refresh or leasehold conversion, has the potential to reach the stars. (I see you, tiny-house-loving veterinarians. Small footprints are possible in practice too.)

That infinite amount of ideas can feel overwhelming at times, so this year's supplement centers on three themes to help you focus in on your design vision: Plan, build and decorate. Within the content links below you'll find practical ideas and advice to help you start your project strong, make the building process go more smoothly and turn your newly built or redesigned space into the visually appealing, yet high-tech, practice of your dreams.

This supplement is just a sneak peek at all of the great in-the-trenches advice you'll receive when you attend the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference in August. Literally. Every contributor to this round up speaks at the conference and shares their collectively impressive knowledge of the industry. If you like these tips you'll love the tips, tricks and insider secrets they share in Kansas City on August 24-26. (For more information, and to register, visit dvm360.com/hdconf.) You'll also be able to meet one-on-one with our design experts as part of your conference registration. (Check out the helpful list of what items to bring with you here.)

Because if you build it, people will come. (Just bear with me for a minute, folks.) Not with the compulsion to watch baseball in Iowa, but to trust you with the lives of their pets. And because you've built and marketed your practice with the same passion you have for patient care, people will continue to come.

I hope you find ideas you can use in this supplement. And more so, I hope you let us know what you've tried. Or something you've tried that we don't mention here. Send us an email at ve@advanstar.com. Really! I'd love to see your project. Who knows, you may even see your hospital gracing the pages of an upcoming design column. I can write at you all day long, but my favorite columns are the ones that start with you.


Katie James

Associate Content Specialist


What DOES go into "cost per square foot"?

You want a cut-and-dried answer. Three architects show there isn't always a cut-and-dried answer. But the more you know about that sometimes arbitrary number, the smarter you'll be in planning, negotiating and building your best new veterinary hospital.

I needed to bring WHAT?

Before you show up to talk to your accountant, your architect, your builder or your engineer at the Hospital Design Conference or your own town, you need these. Nothing's worse than an, "oh, that's at home!" conversation to start off your big hospital build.

What your next surgery suite could look like

You can appeal to fun, style and client satisfaction everywhere else in your hospital design. The surgery suite is where you keep it real ... real CLEAN.

5 ways to keep costs down while building

Veterinary design projects are a serious investment. Use these tips from Dan Chapel AIA, NCARB, to help you keep it manageable in the process.

Is 1,400 square feet too small for a veterinary clinic?

A tight leasehold footprint could squeeze out this prospective practice owner.

Disease and aerosolized muck: oh my!

Face it: Some areas of your practice are, well, kinda gross. Let this cleanliness-focused veterinary architect show you better ways to be germ-free.

The starting line

How to add better medicine, smarter business, engaging education and a little fun in your reception area and avoid just thinking, "Um, put the desk over there."

What makes a veterinary practice street sign work (and what doesn't)

Don't let your sign detract from the quality care you provide. Use these tips to boost your curb appeal.

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