Encourage clients to help horses affected by increasing hay prices


Hay prices are on the rise. Here's what your clients can do to help horses.

This summer's extreme drought has sent the cost of hay skyrocketing, and many horse rescue groups and hay banks are feeling the pinch as they're left with the difficult task of trying to find ways to feed their livestock. To help ensure horses get the hay they need, the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance (CUHA) offered a special grant to assist not-for-profit horse rescues and hay banks in purchasing hay for their horses. After announcing that CUHA was offering emergency funding for hay to horse rescues and hay banks, the response was immediate and overwhelming, according to the group.

This is a great time to encourage your veterinary clients to help others in need. Clients can donate to their local horse rescue or to the Unwanted Horse Fund when paying their Colorado state income tax. In addition to the hay grant, CUHA funds research and education programs and provides other grants to Colorado nonprofits and organizations that work to resolve the unwanted horse problem, specifically supporting adoptions, gelding, horse training and humane end-of-life programs. The CUHA is a not-for-profit organization created to reduce the number of Colorado's unwanted horses and to promote public and private collaboration and education concerning their welfare, ownership, and disposition.

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