Emergency veterinary clinic opens second Philadelphia location


Pet owners in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia welcomed a Veterinary Emergency Group hospital earlier this month

Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) officially opened its second Philadelphia location located at 180 W Girard Avenue, Unit 201A, on Thursday, February 8, 2024. The hospital, located in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of the city, is equipped with ultrasounds, x-rays, and surgery areas to provide the community with emergency care for their pets in need.

“When a pet parent walks into VEG Northern Liberties, they will immediately feel they have finally found a place that will provide their family and pet the best emergency veterinary experience that exists,” said David Bessler, VMD, VEG founder and CEO. “Upon entering VEG Northern Liberties, pet parents will feel a sigh of relief and comfort, as they are greeted with a friendly smile, empathetic attitude, and luxury comforts for them, and their pet.”

The newest location will be open 24/7 and have an open floor concept, allowing pet parents to see first-hand any life-saving measures needed. The clinic also gives pet parents access to a veterinarian as soon as they call to have their questions answered and then the VEG team triages pets as soon as they walk in the door. The open concept allows pet owners to stay with their pets from the beginning of treatment to the end, including surgeries and overnight hospitalization. For those who are not comfortable with the open concept or prefer to have a more private experience, VEG also has exam rooms ready to go for pets.

“I always think about if I was bringing my pet to the emergency room, what would I want [and] how would I want to be treated. It's stressful, right? Like if your pet is sick, you're worried [and] you might not want to know what's going on with them, you probably don't know exactly what's going on with them. So being able to stay with your pet is just such a comfort and a relief,” expressed Jess Fejes, VMD, medical director of VEG Northern Liberties, in an interview with dvm360.

An inside look at the new VEG Hospital in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia (Image courtesy of Caitlin McCafferty, Editor)

An inside look at the new VEG Hospital in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia (Image courtesy of Caitlin McCafferty, Editor)

“A lot of times it's not like with your primary care veterinarian out where you probably have this existing relationship. You know them and you trust them. So I think having this transparency in what we're doing, what we're recommending all of that that's going on, is really helpful and kind of easing that that worry,” she concluded.


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