ElleVet launches new national nonprofit

April 8, 2021
dvm360 Staff

The ElleVet Project is designed to expand free veterinary care efforts to pets of the homeless and street pets.

ElleVet Sciences launched its brand-new national nonprofit organization—The ElleVet Project—last month to support its mission of providing free veterinary care, food, and supplies to homeless and street pets.

Formally known as the “Pets in Need Project,” ElleVet’s new 501(c)(3) organization was originally developed by cofounders Amanda Howland, CCO, and Christian Kjaer, CEO, a year after it was released as a pilot program in response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

“The ElleVet Project is unique in that traveling to the homeless communities and treating pets where they live allows us to reach the invisible pets, who otherwise may never have access to care or services,” says Howland, in an organizational release. “The outpouring of support was incredible—the Project resonated with people in a way we couldn’t have imagined.”

The pilot efforts gained support from numerous veterinarians and celebrities throughout the country. The 2020 project team treated over 1,200 pets, spent over $10,000 on emergency surgery cases and administered thousands of vaccines and pet food.

“We learned that when you treat the pets, you treat the people as well,” explains Kjaer. “People told me that by giving medical care to their pets, it literally allowed them to put food on their own tables.”

The Project is currently accepting donations, all of which go towards vaccines, medical supplies, and emergency surgeries.

"We depend on donations to fund our mission," says Howland. "The more donations we get, the sooner we can get more mobile veterinary units on the road across the country."

The ElleVet Project will return to California in the second quarter of 2021 with a goal of treating more than 3,000 pets and will expand to treat pets across the US over the next 3 years.

To learn more about The ElleVet Project, go here.