dvm360 Leadership Challenge: What you didn't learn in vet school


Theres a disconnect between required classes in veterinary school and required skills in everyday practice. Our experts help new grads and new veterinary employees fix this and give mentors the tools they need to onboard new associates and team members faster and better.

There's a disconnect between required classes in veterinary school and required skills in everyday practice. Why don't veterinarians learn more about dentistry, nutrition, behavior, client communication, and business and personal finance savvy before they're thrown into private practice? Where do new team members learn this stuff they didn't get in classes? Our experts help new grads fix this and give mentors the tools they need to onboard new associates faster and better.

This Leadership Challenge is supported with an educational grant from Banfield. 


Seven unforgivable sins in veterinary dentistry ... and how to avoid them!

Perish the thought that you'd commit any of these errors in a patient's mouth. But just in case, watch this webinar and get one hour of CE credit in the process. One hour = healthier smiles for all your patients.


Buyer's remorse: Expect it three to five years after vet school

An expensive graduate degree like veterinary medicine, which often costs more than our first home and rarely pays us back to the extent we expected it to, is very likely to result in some level of buyer's remorse. The problem is that most of us aren't prepared for it when it hits.


Big biz is coming! Giving estimates stinks! I'm stressed!

Corporate medicine, client interactions and stress management: Three Fetch dvm360 speakers have some strong opinions about what the nation's veterinary schools could be doing to prepare their graduates for life on the outside …


Veterinary schools focus on preparing graduates earlier, better

Some schools are upgrading their curricula to teach technical skills from day one and make soft skills mandatory. Is it enough to bridge the gap between ivory tower and the practice trenches?


6 things I didn't learn in school about being a practice manager

Schooling and book learning didn't prepare me for the emotional, communication and management headaches that come with the harried job of the veterinary hospital manager. Come sympathize with my agonies ... or, better yet, learn faster than I did.


Getting a paw up on your new job

Hey there. New here? Whether you've worked at a veterinary practice for 10 minutes or 10 years, a new position means it's time to grow. Receptionists, technicians, managers and associates-we've got you covered.


Didn't learn it in vet school? You need a mentor

Actually, everyone needs a mentor. If you already know it all, guess what-it's your turn to mentor someone else (and you'll probably benefit from coaching).



Where have all the mentors gone?

Take heart. It's your turn to be the mentor you want to see in the veterinary world.




What you didn't learn in vet school

Fetch dvm360 conference educators share the top things they wish veterinary (and veterinary technology) schools would teach.



They didn't teach us emotional intelligence in veterinary school

Dealing with co-workers can be as stressful as handling patients, says this vet tech.




How I'd change veterinary school

Dr. Sarah Wooten's raw thoughts on how her four years of school could have better prepared her for the real world.



What I didn't learn in vet tech school

School fully prepared me to be a great veterinary technician. But what happened after graduation changed my life.



AAVMC rolls out program designed to ensure veterinary graduates are prepared for practice

AAVMC has developed a set of core competencies for the benefit of future veterinarians.



The other stuff you learned in vet school ...

These are the lesser-known skills a veterinary school education provides.




Be prepared: A look at what you didn't learn in vet school

From real-world clinical knowledge to soft skills, we investigated what you had to say about what may have slipped under the radar in all of those classes.



Dentistry, nutrition, orthopedics and behavior: What you missed in class

Our article collections will get you up to speed on these sometimes glossed over topics in veterinary school.



Whom should I ask? A dvm360 flowchart

Is your question best posed to a veterinarian or veterinary technician? Here's a handy flowchart to find out.



Identifying the gaps in your vet tech school education

Technicians identify the areas they wish they'd learned more about in veterinary technology school.

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